I'm getting married this October, which is awesome. All the bulls--- you have to do to get to that point is not. This new video is a hilarious, yet oddly accurate depiction of the hell that is organizing your own wedding.

There were a few things that really rang true for me in this video:

  1. Jacked-Up Prices -- The part where the hillbilly guy realizes that their deal involves a wedding and then adds four digits to the price is spot on. Seriously, that happens. If something is for a wedding, people charge way more for it even when it's the exact same product, venue or service you'd get if it were for a retirement party, barbecue or open house.
  2. The Guest List -- My finacee is of Mexican descent, so of course she has 86 cousins with kids like the bride-to-be in the video... and they'll all be traveling to the wedding in the same 1984 Chevy S-10 (kidding). Oddly enough, my mom added people to my guest list who have since admitted that they have no idea who I am... much like the groom in the video. We planned for a smallish wedding, but somehow ended up being 110 guests over our projection... WTF?
  3. Save the Dates -- I wanted really cool save the dates and had a friend do some awesome graphic design work on them for me. They went out a bit late and I intentionally left off the standard "formal invitation to follow" message for aesthetic reasons. This somehow confused the everloving f--- out of everyone involved. We got so many calls and messages from people telling us that we forgot the venue and time info on the invitation... even though the biggest letters on the thing read "Save the Date" and were right at the top. I guess not everybody is that familiar with how those work.

Seriously, just elope. No matter how hard you try to keep it simple, fun and cost effective, it turns into a logistical and financial s---show.