Oklahoman rockers Hinder are giving fans yet another way to feel a stronger connection with the band. They announced via their Twitter page that they have set up a YouTube page specifically for those who need more Hinder in their lives.

It's always a good thing when you get to see more of your favorite band, especially off-stage stuff that most bands don't usually put out there. Instead of waiting 20 years and shaping those behind the scenes moments into a documentary (a la Pearl Jam), Hinder have decided to take a more direct route.

Starting yesterday the band started a YouTube channel as an outlet for videos of all their backstage antics and off-stage goings on called HinderBackstage's Channel. The band announced via Twitter "We have a new You tube channel, where you can check out little videos straight from us!", like the one below where you can see the band doing shots prior to taking the stage. Let's just hope they get a better camera and don't run into a Kings of Leon situation. It would be pretty hard to blame a canceled gig on exhaustion if fans could see you doing shots before the show on YouTube.

Hinder's current album 'All American Nightmare' is in stores now and you can catch them on tour with My Darkest Days.