Apparently song ideas were flowing like crazy for Hinder.

Bassist Mike Rodden told that the band had written 75 songs for the upcoming "All American Nightmare" CD.  Somehow the band got it down to 11 songs for the album.  Rodden explains:

"We had so many ideas we threw around and started tracking the ones we like most.  Once we had those, we had a bunch of people -friends and fans- come in and listen and took a collective survey of what was most popular and what worked best".

My guess is alot of those "friends & fans" were hot girls.  Man, those guys can get the bitches.  I have seen it first hand.  I would bet they broke a few hearts in Flint.

As to what will happen to the tracks that did not make the album Rodden goes on to say:

"We are going to keep them or if there is another band a particular song would work for, we will ship it their way.  But for the ones we dig for us, we will save and revisit for a bonus track in the future".

"All American Nightmare" hits stores December 7th.