Hollywood Undead are anything by rock newbies, but when it comes to touring, founding member J-Dog says they took some pointers from Avenged Sevenfold on last season’s “Nightmare After Christmas Tour.”

“Watching Avenged Sevenfold, those guys have a really good work ethic, and they’ve been touring a lot longer than us,” J-Dog told Loudwire. “You see there’s a certain work ethic you have to have once you get to a certain point. So, watching them and how they operate made us realize that.”

The California band’s new album, ‘American Tragedy,’ fuses melodic rock, hip-hop and metal. J-Dog says, above all, he's stoked fans are taking to the album.

“… When bands go into record the so-called sophomore record, it can be a curse, because if you have success on the first record, you have to make sure the second one is better than the first,” he said. “I’ve seen bands who have gotten ahead of themselves and rushed through it, and they’re gone now. We knew we wanted to take our time, and I think people really love the new album because of it.”

Plans for this fall include touring with Asking Alexandria, D.R.U.G.S. and We Came as Romans, and working on a new album.

“Our record only been out six months, so it has at least another year to go, but we just set up a recording setup on our bus, so we’re going to start writing,” he said. “Once you spend yourself on writing a record, you run out of creativity for a while and shut yourself off. But since it’s been six months, we’re ready to start writing again.”