As we all know Veteran's Day is on Monday, and being a Veteran my self it is truly heartbreaking to see others who've served struggle with problems like PTSD, alcoholism, poverty, homelessness, etc. Which is why it was awesome to see this 52-year-old Army veteran named Jim Wolf, who has personally fought a never ending battle with alcoholism and poverty, volunteer to take this step and to do this makeover sponsored by a non-profit organization. Watch as Jim is transformed in this time-elapse video from a broken, scruffy-looking dude, to a sharp-dressed businessman.They gave him a haircut, trimmed his beard, styled his hair, and put him in a suit and tie. He looked pretty sharp in the end, obviously it is kind of a superficial stunt, but because of it, it has given him the motivation he needed to get his life back on track.