John McClane, the protagonist of all 5 'Die Hard' movies, is the man! The wise-cracking, everyman turned super-cop has survived just about every kind of terrorist plot imaginable... but would he really? This new video breaks down how many times McClane would die if his adventures happened in real-life as oppose to on the big screen.

The original 'Die Hard' is one of the greatest action films of all time... if not the greatest. It is also the best Christmas film of all time. The thing that made it so great is that the main character was flawed... like, super flawed. He smoked, he was afraid of flying, his marriage was all effed up and, for the most part, he was a regular guy with an extraordinary knack for one-liners. Bruce Willis was a far cry from the muscle-bound dudes (Stallone, Schwarzenegger, etc.) that dominated the 1980s action films and that's why it worked so well.

Over the years, Hollywood has managed to milk the character and franchise completely dry. 'Die Hard 2' was basically a note-for-note remake of the original film with a different setting. It was like someone played Mad Libs with the original 'Die Hard' script.

'Die Hard with a Vengeance' rejuvenated the franchise with explosive action, an original plot (sort of) and great chemistry between Willis and a then-on-the-rise Samuel L. Jackson. This would be the last movie where John McClane seemed like a regular guy (although the video says he would have died a lot).

I was super excited to see 'Live Free or Die Hard,' that was until I saw it. The creators basically took a huge, steaming dump on everything great about the franchise. McClane was no longer a flawed regular dude, he was a superhuman anti-terrorist killing machine that could kill helicopters with cars and win a fist fight with an F35B Lightning II fighter jet. I heard that part 5 was more in that vein (just with less plot), so I didn't bother spending my hard-earned money to watch it... I'll wait for it to hit Netflix.

Despite the ups and downs of the franchise, one thing has remained consistent -- John McClane would have died a bunch of times in these movies. According to the video -- about 14 times, which isn't bad for 5 films. I can't wait until this series tackles some of the more far-fetched action films of the 80s like 'Commando' and 'First Blood: Part Two,' both of which will easily beat the real-life main character body count of the entire 'Die Hard' franchise. Yippee ki yay, motherf---er!"