There are always a few social gatherings to choose from on Memorial Day. Whether you are headed to a BBQ or a kegger, the following videos should serve as a playbook for how not to get down when celebrating Memorial Day. 

WARNING: If seeing people puke makes you nauseous, you may want to avoid the following party "training videos".

Based on the assumption that you are a Banana listener, there's about an 80% chance you will be doing some boozing tomorrow. The following videos depict what not to do if you should find yourself in any of these situations.

Keg Stand: If there is a keg and any number of your friends at the party you choose to attend, some one will try to get keg stands going. If you take a turn at the ultimate test of a binge drinkers metal you must remember three things; 1) Breathe through your nose. 2) Try to ignore how cold your mouth gets. 3) Don't be like this guy.

Beer Bong: If a beer bong shows up and you are buzzed enough that it sounds like a good idea, try to use a beer that is a little warmer than usual. Maybe it's just me but super cold beer hurts when bonging. Don't let your buddies talk you into bonging if you're not feeling it though, you'll end up looking like this.

Shotgun: Are you without a keg or beer bong but you still have the itch to catch a quick buzz? There's always the shotgun technique. Again you will want a beer that has been un-refrigerated for an hour or so and a couple of feet between you and the lightweight who is trying to show off.

Water Bong Medication Rips: Maybe you are more in to smoking pot taking your meds than drinking beer. If that's the kind of thing you'll be doing at the BBQ tomorrow, make sure you have your card handy and don't over do it like this Dead Head here.

BBQ grill lighting: Whether you'll be partying or not, Memorial Day can still be dangerous. Make sure you dont use gasoline to get your grill going.

Campfire: Having a fire is always a good time but they can go south very quickly. Pay attetion to how close you are to the fire and again; no gasoline.

Hope you have a good time tomorrow but make sure you're safe and don't over-do it, you have to work on Tuesday.