Watch as the team that won "Best Sled" at the Cardboard Classic shows us how to get rid of a sled the right way -- by blowing it to pieces.

After the Cardboard Classic wrapped up at Mt. Holly on Saturday, many participants, myself included, were left asking, "What should we do with our sled now?" Some took them home, some left them behind in a pile (oddly enough, that's where all the most phallic sleds ended up -- see above) but only two teams did it right.

The winners in the "Best Sled" category, Big Test Icicles, and team Window Lickers sent along this video demonstrating the creativity and showmanship that got them the trophy for best sled in the first place. Not only were their sleds impressive -- their undoing was equally entertaining. Maybe we need to add a "Best Sled Destruction" award as well.

*As cool as we think this is, you should definitely not mess with explosives or try this at home.