If you've spent any time driving around Flint recently, you may have spotted this unusual billboard, which implies a man is doing one of two highly unacceptable things in his vehicle.

Fast Finance is no stranger to unusual advertising, they are, after all, the home of the "It doesn't matter" guy. The auto dealer has again decided to pursue an unusual strategy with their latest billboard (as seen above at Atherton Rd just before Dort Hwy, but can also be seen on Dort near Chemco). You see a man "straining" while hunched over in the front seat of a car, accompanied by the message, "I relieved myself in my car... and saved thousands."

Call me stupid, but I don't get what they were going for here. To me, it seems like they're trying to say the guy, somehow, saved thousands by either pooping or rubbing one out in his car. I guess you would save some money on water if you dropped deuce in your car more frequently, but isn't that what your workplace is for? Regardless of the message they were trying to convey, they did succeed in the most important area of advertising --  creating a buzz. Here we are discussing their billboard. Well done, guys.

Update: They also have a commercial that explains a little more, but still doesn't really make the "relieve myself in my car" thing work... it is funny though. However, it's still not as good as that time they had Fantone dress up like Elvis in their TV spot... or that one car commercial that Chris Monroe rapped in.