Incubus fans have been patiently waiting on the first new album from the band in 5 years, 'If Not Now, When?'. Now that the release day is here, not only can you get the album, but there is a whole lot of Incubus on television this week. The band's big week kicked off with a performance of the new single 'Promises, Promises' on the 'Late Show with David Letterman'.

Incubus 'If Not Now, When?' hits stores shelves and digital outlets worldwide today (7/12), and while they may not be welcome in the Philippines, they are accepted in the world of television. Not only are they hosting several programs on MTV2, but they are also the focus of a weeklong takeover of Fuse TV as well. The California alt-rockers are taking a turn towards the lighter side of their sound on the new disc, and showcased some of the material's delicate sensibilities on Letterman last night.

Check out this performance of 'Promises, Promises' from 'If Not Now, When?'.