If Incubus’ approaching album ‘If Not Now, When?' is anything like the band’s new video for 'Promises, Promises,' then fans are in for a mellow, minimalist vibe. Watch the dream-like, psychedelic video, here.

The new song has Brandon Boyd writing about --- what else? --- a relationship.

"'Promises, Promises' is a story about a girl and a guy — go figure — and the girl has built up so much armor around herself with the things that she knows how to do," Boyd told MTV News.

“And so, I used these metaphors in the song of, like, magic, like she's an illusionist, so she creates these illusions around her,” he added.

This character meets a guy who can help her break these illusions, but she doesn’t want to get her hopes up, so “she's asking him for one thing: ‘Don't make me any promises,’” Boyd said.

Sappy? Maybe. But, some the best Incubus tracks come out of corny storylines.

‘If Not Now, When?' drops July 12. Watch behind-the-scenes footage from the making of ‘Promises, Promises’ via Tree's post.

Watch Incubus' Official Video for 'Promises, Promises'