E3 is going on right now which, for those of you who don't know, is where all the big video game developers announce their upcoming projects and games. So you can expect me to fully nerd out on you for the next couple days. Yesterday Sony announced a new handheld (one that finally has dual analog sticks) called PlayStation Vita and it looks amazing!

I have avoided handheld gaming like the plague since owning my first one. As much as I hate to admit it (because this statement will date me), I owned the original version of Nintendo's Gameboy. The only time I ever played it was in the back seat on long road trips. Now that I'm a man, I do all the driving so no need for one right?

Well Sony may have just changed my mind, their new handheld looks like it can stand up to most consoles graphically. Another big plus is the addition of dual analog sticks, something handheld gaming enthusiasts have been asking for for a long time. There is one drawback to the Vita so far and based on the history of the iPhone, Sony should've anticipated some backlash. The PlayStation Vita will be AT&T exclusive (groan).

The Vita will use a connection suite called "Near" and AT&T will be the exclusive network provider for the system. Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Jack Tretton explained the choice saying:

"AT&T's mobile broadband network excels at delivering data with high speeds nationwide, which is what we need for powering the social and connectivity features built into the PlayStation Vita portable entertainment system. PlayStation Vita will give users the opportunity to engage and connect with one another while delivering the kind of rich and immersive gaming experiences unimaginable on any other portable device on the market today."

Originally known under the working title of Sony NGP (Next Generation Portable), the developers decided on the name "Vita" which is derived from the Latin term for "Life". Sony chose this name because they felt the device would enable "a revolutionary combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real world context. SCE is aiming to transform every aspect of user's daily life into an entertainment experience."

There is no release date available for the Playstation Vita announced yet but here is a preview of what this baby can do.