Apparently some brilliant maniac has combined both of our favorite things into one conveniently portable package. Ladies and gentleman we present you with the future of alcoholism/guitar amplification -- the beer can guitar amp.

Electric guitars are not only fun to play (if you know what you're doing) but most of them are pretty cool looking as well. The same can not be said about the companion to the electric guitar -- the amplifier. Some look better than others but for the most part, they are boxes with nobs on them -- not real sexy. Perhaps that's why DIY amp maker Robert Brenne's boozy creation has sparked our interest.

Brenne has made amps out of everything from Ouija boards to cigar boxes -- both of those pale in comparison to this Frankenstein monster. Brenne has combined the beauty of a Heineken keg can with portable amplification to create the beer can guitar amp. It doesn't look like this particular model is for sale via Brenne's company Artistic Amplification, but there are a number of other custom pieces available.

Beer Can Guitar Amp