We've all been there, that soul-crushing moment when you log on to Ticketmaster or Live Nation to buy tickets to see your favorite band seconds too late. There's nothing worse than missing your favorite band when they come to town, but that or having to ponying up a couple hundred extra to land tix from a scalper or a StubHub-type business are your only options.

In some cases, you could be sitting at your computer waiting for the tickets to become available and still not get to them in time. You may ask, "How is this possible? Are there really 19,000 other Tool fans in the Detroit area waiting by their computers like me?" The answer, in short, is "no." Actually, it's "Hell no!" You didn't get beat to the punch. You, my friend, got shafted!

A recent report by Nashville's News Channel 5 investigated this very occurrence in the case of a recent Justin Bieber concert, of which we're sure the numbers are a little more extreme than they would be for, say, Shinedown. Reporter Phil Williams found that only 1,001 of 13,783 tickets were made available to the general public, while the majority of tickets went to American Express (6,000 tickets) and the Bieber Fan Club (3,000 tickets), with Online ticket scalpers like StubHub and others picking up the remainder. You can see a more detailed breakdown in the video and infographic below.

We apologize in advance for the horrendous Bieber music that is sampled in the video below.
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