According to heavy music kingpin Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden have at least one more album in them, and it’s probably going to be a prog-rock record much like 2010′s 'The Final Frontier.' The remarks have Maiden fans breathing a collective sigh of relief, since many speculated the band’s 15th album was their last.

Even so, the singer says members find it hard talk about ideas when it comes to new music.

“Being English we have some reserve when we’re communicating ideas,” he told the Daily Star, via Rock News Desk. “We used to have a stand-up knock-down fight about anything – but we know each other better now and people do mellow.

“Still, if we hugged each other we’d have to go straight into rehab.”

Dickinson thinks Maiden is headed in the right musical direction. He knows what fans want, and he’s poised to give it to them.

“…We know the boundaries of what we can do musically – we’re not the kind of band who could say, ‘Hey, let’s do an album with Kanye West.’ That wouldn’t interest Maiden fans at all.

“Things have been going a bit more prog-rock on our recent albums and the fans seem to love that.”