The band has been doing a lot of hyping of their potential new frontman but have yet to utter a name. Corey Taylor made some weird comments when asked about rumors that he was taking over vocal duties for the band.

Corey was interviewed by recently and when they asked if he was the "known guy" that VR members had been working with he simply said "To be continued!!!" and followed it with a hearty chuckle. How many bands can one dude be the singer for? Don't get me wrong; Corey Taylor is a great singer, but does he really need another gig? He already has Slipknot, Stone Sour, an upcoming solo project, and a book on the way. This could be his way of pulling a practical joke on the media as well. Corey already tried out for the gig over two years ago and check out what he had to say about it:

Doesn't sound like it went very well the first time around, hopefully these dudes will quit jerking us around soon and make an announcement. Here's a preview of what Taylor sounds like working with Slash.