If you've been diggin' the track "New Colors" from Cockfight champs, Islander, you're gonna love the video for it. I had a chance to catch up with frontman Mikey Carvajal who told me they’re "really proud of how it turned out." Not to mention they directed, shot, and edited, this video all on their own. Believe me, when I tell you these guys believe whole-heartedly "that it’s up to the individual to map out their own destiny". When I asked Mikey about the track it's self and what it means, he said "I leave that open to interpretation of the individual fan". But for Carvajal personally, although not a Christian band, he likes to think about the song from the perspective of how "we're not all perfect" and "we all have different beliefs, but in our own way, we all can be re-born". Don't forget to get your hands on their EP called Pains. And then, look for their debut CD, which is in final stages of pre-production right now, in the spring 2014. Also, watch out for them on tour.