There have been 'Rocky' video games before -- five of them to be exact -- but someone finally got the formula right with this side-scrolling ass kicker that casts Balboa's giant Russian adversary in the lead. Jump into the 8-bit past with 'Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer.'

Pretty much every game based on the classic tale of Rocky Balboa has been a shameless, outright cash grab. That's where the folks that made this game differ, IDJE is actually a free online game that hearkens back to the days when the side-scrolling beat 'em up was king. Similar to classic games like 'Double Dragon' and 'Streets of Rage' -- al you have to do is walk right and kick ass!

The game begins with former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev telling Drago that he has kept him in hiding until the American people's spirit was broken and the time is right for him to launch a new Cold War with his fists. Then you walk around beating the piss out of dudes named Sports McJockitch and Stabby Jenkins, taking roids and, presumably, telling people that you must break them. Okay, so it's not 'Mass Effect 3,' but it will help you kill some time at work.