After a eight year break from having new music on store shelves, Jane's Addiction return to new releases section with 'The Great Escape Artist' on September 27th. If the first single 'Irresistible Force' is any indicator, this album will be a far cry from the straight ahead rock they served on 2003's 'Strays'. 

Perhaps the only band to have a career that spans 25 years and only includes four studio albums, Jane's Addiction are set for their third reunion as a band (yes, they have broken up that many times). Their last release was the 2003 album 'Strays', which fit surprisingly well with the soundscape of rock music at the time for a band that hadn't recorded in 13 years. Their latest collection of songs, 'The Great Escape Artist', seems to be heading in a much stranger direction.

The new single 'Irresistible Force' just hit the internet and shows a more artful, abstract side of the band. Along with the previously leaked 'End to the Lies', the new material seems to be less reliant on the guitar playing of the criminally underrated (and under-recorded) Dave Navarro. Perhaps this is the influence of TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek, who is helping the band craft their sound this time out.

Speaking to SPIN, frontman Perry Farrell said of the band's unusual new direction which has them using electronic elements for the first time in their 25 year career:

"We are taking great risks and writing in ways that we have never written before. We're producing a really amazing piece of art, an amazing piece of music. It will make people say, 'This is strangely beautiful.'"

Perry's annual music festival Lollapalooza is taking place this weekend (August 5th-7th) in Chicago's Grant Park. Surprisingly, Jane's Addiction will not be playing at the sold out event this year.
'Irresistible Force'

'End to the Lies'