Jane's Addiction fans have had a rough quarter-century. The band has split three different times throughout their 25 year career, the  longest of which lasted 13 years. Now that they are back and in full gear with their upcoming record 'The Great Escape Artist', the band is giving back to those oft-neglected fans by streaming their recent concert shot in 3D for free on the intranet machines.

Over their on-and-off career they've produced just four studio albums, the latest of which is titled the 'The Great Escape Artist' and is due in stores and digital outlets September 27th. The band is returning with a sound unlike any they've produced before thanks to their collaborative efforts with TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek and producer Rich Costey.

With the addition of electronic elements to the band's sleek alt-rock sensibilities and Dave Navarro's virtuosic pure rock guitar playing, this promises to be worth the eight year wait since Jane's last album 'Strays'.

In the meantime the band has joined forces with LG Thrill 4G to create the first user generated 3D concert documentary. You can watch the hour-long video in 3D or 2D as the band rips through hits like 'Jane Says', 'Mountain Song', and their new single 'Irresistible Force'.