Beer chugging, boob-loving metal dudes Psychostick have been serving up ass-whoopins in The Cockfight this week. Tonight they take on alt-rock vets Jane's Addiction and their new track 'Irresistible Force' in a winner take all battle to the death. The songs hit the air at 9p, but if you want to check them out now and place early votes then bring ya ass on in here.

  • 'Irresistible Force'

    Jane's Addiction

    After an eight year break between records, Jane's Addiction is back to get weird with their new one 'Irresistible Force' from their disc 'The Great Escape Artist'. The fourth record from the band is due September 27th, singer Perry Ferrell says this album is closer to a Muse / Radiohead type of sound than anything they've done previously. The new single definitely reflects that change in direction and shows they've grown as a band, but is that enough to beat a song about sweet, sweet boobies?

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  • 'Because Boobs'


    It's not high art, but damn these dude are funny. When he says 'If I had a room full of boobs, that would be my favorite room', I defy you not to laugh. Well it's less funny now that I've told you about it, but there are plenty of other laughs to be had. For more good-time party metal you can catch these dudes at Dirt Fest on Saturday, although I'm almost certain you'll hear them in The Cockfight until we retire them. Flint-town loves some Psychostick.

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