Jay Leno has told hundreds of thousands of "jokes" over the past couple of decades and someone has finally taken the long-overdue initiative to make him stop.

If you're under the age of 50, let us take a moment to introduce you to Jay Leno -- he's what some people consider a comedian and hosts a long-running late night program called 'The Tonight Show' -- aka the show your grandparents fall asleep to after 'Matlock' reruns.

During the opening segment of the NBC program Leno provides commentary on current events, pausing between each topic so the geriatric audience can respond politely to the applause light. Last Thursday night, Mr. Leno jokingly showed a picture of what he claimed to be presidential candidate Mitt Romney's summer home. Unfortunately for Jay and NBC it was actually a pic of the Sikh holy shrine Golden Temple and they're now being sued over the gag.

According to Deadline Hollywood, members of the Bol Punjabi All Regions Organization are pressing charges against Leno and the network, claiming that their portrayal of the holiest place in the Sikh religion was libelous. The suit calls Leno's comments about the shrine -- which is located in Amritsar, India -- intentionally hurtful and "deliberately false."

Leno has hurt many of us with his comedy over the years (mostly because his crusty act is painful to sit through) and is now being asked to apologize to Sikh community leaders, even though a formal complaint has already been filed with the State Department in Washington. Jay probably should've just moved to Florida and enjoyed his retirement while he had the chance.

Leno Being Leno