Comedian Jim Breuer recently explained that he declined his invite to the Rock and Roll Roast of Zakk Wylde after an inappropriate experience caused him to "lose all respect" for the metal icon.

SNL alum Jim Breuer is a well known lover of metal who has professed his love of Metallica and AC/DC on several occasions. That's why it was so surprising that the man who brought us "Goat Boy" recently declined a chance to roast one of the biggest names in metal -- Zakk Wylde. As it turns out, his absence was much more than a scheduling conflict.

Noisecreep reports that Breuer recently explained (in ugly detail) why he passed on the opportunity to be among metal royalty at the roast. As Breuer tells it, a belligerent sounding Wylde contacted him about four years prior to develop a 'Chappelle Show'-type comedy show infused with rock. The pair then met in New York and Breuer claims that Zakk was drunk and made such harsh racial statements in a Chinese restaurant that the employees were scared to take their order.

Somehow the show actually made it to the first day of shooting, where Wylde allegedly began choking the producer with a chain for no apparent reason and then stalled production for a strip club detour. Breuer also says that Wylde returned and knocked over the craft services table before urging crews to film him urinating on his own windshield.

As if two awful experiences with Wylde weren't enough to sour his opinion, Breuer also said that Zakk invited a good friend of his aboard his tour bus and spit in his face after the friend mentioned his new found sobriety. Breuer explained that he "lost all respect" for Wylde and had no interest in attending an event in his honor.

Being a comedian, Jim probably played up some of the comedic elements but if even half of the story is true -- it's probably best for everyone that Wylde is now on the wagon.

Hear Jim Breuer Talk About His Zakk Wylde Encounters