The sports world is fervent with "Linsanity" after a nobody from the New York Knicks bench became a star player virtually overnight. The phenom caught the attention of Jimmy Fallon, who threw on his best early 90's Eddie Vedder attire to turn Pearl Jam's 'Jeremy' into a tribute called 'Jeremy (Lin).'

Jimmy Fallon is known for doing masterful impressions of Neil Young and Jim Morrison on 'Late Night,' but strapped on a new persona during last night's show -- none other than that of his 'Balls in Your Mouth' duet partner, Eddie Vedder.

While not nearly as spot on as his Young impression, we don't fault Fallon for being unable to match Vedder's angsty howl circa 1991. Looking nearly identical to the grunge icon as seen in the video for 'Jeremy,' Fallon transformed their hit single from 'Ten' into a tribute to Knicks' rising star titled 'Jeremy (Lin)' -- who he affectionately calls "an Asian Tebow" during the parody.

Jimmy Fallon Performs 'Jeremy (Lin)' as Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder