What do you get when you put one of the Golden Girls and a woman made up of entirely plastic together? Weed of course!

Joan Rivers apparently was filmed smoking a joint in an episode of her reality show she stars in with her daughter called "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best".  Rivers is clear to point out that it is medicinal marijuana she was prescribed after, yes you guessed it, plastic surgery.

The show should maybe be called "Joan Knows Where To Get The Best Weed".

The Huffington Post reports that River's also reveals that she had not smoked marijuana since she smoked with Betty White, who she jokingly said was "some slut then".

If the two of them really did smoke down in the past,  I am surprised that no one actually died from laughing.  Joan said it was in the "dark ages", so I am guessing there is no film of it.  Maybe someone drew a picture on the cave wall?  Either way, I bet Joan Rivers looks younger now than she did back then.

Who would you rather "break weed" with so to speak, Betty or Joan?