Time to get some of your drinking buddies that are mediocre at bowling together and join the 'Banana Bad Bowlers' League.  Since the Banana Crew is exceptionally good at boozing it up and having fun, we decided get together with Grand Blanc Lanes and invite others with the same skill set to join us; thus, we give to you the 'Bad Bowlers League."

Want to join?  Details after the jump.

The Banana 'Bad Bowlers League' is just a fun beer drinking league with some friendly competition.  A night to hang out and kick back a few cocktails.  If you are looking for a serious PBA governed league that follows ALL the rules to the letter -- this is NOT it.

The 'Bad Bowlers League' will run 11 weeks in length (ten weeks in the season with the 11th week for a final party/banquet). Check out the league details below.

When: Wednesday nights (League starts on March 7th)

Time: League starts 7pm (warm up just before 7pm)

Where: Grand Blanc Lanes, in the Annex (back side of the building)

Cost: $10 per person/week (includes 3 games each week and shoe rental)

Duration: 11 week season (with the 11th week being the end of season banquet/party -- trophies and awards will be given out at the banquet)

To sign up either fill out the form below or stop into the Banana Studios on Bristol Road (between Dort Hwy and Center Road) in Burton.