Jonathan Davis made an unusual series of comments regarding Korn's upcoming dubstep-infused record 'The Path of Totality.' Not only did he say their new material would upset their core fans, but also rejected being labeled as the "godfathers nu-metal."

Jonathan Davis is did some heavy anti-promotion for the band's new album 'The Path of Totality,' when speaking with Kerrang! recently. Davis forewarned hardcore fans that the album they made with a barrage of different dubstep artists is most likely not for them:

"People are going to be pissed about this record. That's made me even more excited about it. I don't give a flying f--- what people think. We can't win with Korn fans. Some are so stuck in 1994."

Davis went on to say that he isn't very thrilled with the nu-metal label bands like themselves and Disturbed were tagged by the media with years ago:

"Everybody calls us the godfathers of nu-metal and I'm f---ing tired of that. We don't want to join the nostalgia circuit. Us, Limp Bizkit, Staind or some shit like that. F--- that."

Johnathan is much more comfortable with the label he and his cohorts created when listening to 'The Path of Totality' -- "Future Metal."  The album will be available at digital outlets and stores everywhere December 6th.