Kate Middleton, Prince William and probably the rest of the British Royal Fam are heated after the French magazine 'Closer' published some topless pics of Kate.

We here at the Banana couldn't care less about the Royal Family, unless we're talking about the smoking hot recent addition -- Kate Middleton. For some reason everyone was talking about her sister Pippa for a while. If we're being honest, Pippa's nowhere near as hot as her sister. Maybe all that Pippa-talk inspired Kate to let her guard (and top) down in what they believed to be a secluded location.

Some photographer was on hand to catch the momentary nudity and is probably counting a fat stack of cash right now. The photos were acquired by the French magazine 'Closer,' and were obviously the cover story for the most recent issue.

The family is quite upset and there is talk of a lawsuit regarding the spread, but the damage is done. The fact of the matter is that if you don't want pictures of your rack out there, keep those sweater puppies put away in public. Taking pictures of them yourself is a bad idea too, just ask Christina Hendricks, Olivia Munn and that other chick from 'The Newsroom' who just tweeted her tubes to everybody.