In an age where you get your information in the blink of an eye and communicating with anyone away is as simple as tapping a screen, it's easy to forget that things weren't always this good. Luckily, we have Kevin Bacon to educate America's youth about the hardships we endured in the 1980s.

There is no better spokesperson for the 1980s than Corey Feldman. Michael J. Fox. Charlie Sheen. Patrick Swayze. Sylvester Stallone. Koko B. Ware. That Other Guy from WHAM! Arnold Schwarzenegger. Kevin Bacon. After all, the guy did single-handedly convince a town to legalize dancing and was murdered by Jason Voorhees' mom... and that was just the early 80s!

In this new video, he explains to those damn self-obsessed millennials that Russia used to nuke Americans on a daily basis and that Google used to be a book called "The White Pages," while also promoting his show 'The Following' (which is actually pretty good).