Yesterday the Kid Rock Foundation handed over $50,000 to a handful of Detroit charities that were selected by Detroit Mayor Dave Bing. He also single-handedly attempted to bring back denim shirts, we have the video for you here.

After being honored by the NAACP earlier this month, Kid Rock announced that he would be donating $50k to the City of Detroit. Yesterday he delivered on that promise in a press conference where his foundation cut a check to Mayor Bing who then distributed the funds to the heads of several charities including Youthville, Friends of Belle Isle, and Habitat for Humanity. Kid Rock left the selection of the charities up to Bing and joked that he's "not the most politically correct". Mayor Bing had nothing but praise for the generosity of Rock saying "He went beyond the call of duty". Whether you love or hate his music, you have to admit that Kid Rock has done more for Michigan than most other celebrities have done for their home state and we are damn lucky to have him.

You can check out ABC 7's coverage here.