Listen to Kid Rock's new song 'Lets Ride,' which is the patriotic first single from his recently announced new album 'Rebel Soul.'

Kid Rock has been quietly at work on the follow-up to his 2010 Americana album 'Born Free' for some time now. He first announced his intentions to work on new material that was more in the vein of his 'Cocky'-era recordings over a year ago. After that, there was little mention made of new music from the Detroit-area Rap-Rocker turned Heritage Rocker... until his album was announced earlier this week.

Kid Rock's ninth studio album 'Rebel Soul' is set to hit stores on November 19th, and if the first single 'Let's Ride' is any indication, the album continues down the path of Southern-fried roots rock the 'American Bad Ass' has been on for his last two studio albums. Although, that doesn't mean the entire album will play that way. If there's one thing you can expect from Mr. Ritchie -- it's the unexpected. Check out 'Let's Ride' below.