The American Bad Ass is pissed at scalpers over his upcoming birthday show at Ford Field. 

He had a few choice words for the people driving up the ticket prices for his show...

I try my hardest to keep my ticket prices low, THIS I HAVE CONTROL OF.!! I can not control nor do i understand how the fuck the scalpers and all the secondary websites and bullshit get them. IF I COULD CONFRONT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM FACE TO FACE I WOULD AND IT WOULD NOT WORK OUT TO WELL FOR THEM I GAURANTEE ALL OF YOU. I hate them, i feel like someone is beating up a close friend or family member while im chained to a chair.

Rock goes on to speak his mind and ask for help from his fans...

I am not gonna apologize for something i cant control and it you wanna hate or blame me for it, go for it. But if your really pissed about it, research it and try to find out why its going on and let me know. alot of us are trying to figure out a better way, trust me, the last thing i want is some bottom of the barrel lazy fuck who wont get a real job ripping off my fans to get rich.

Good to see a true artist taking a stand.

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