Michigan rap-rocker Kid Rock is already looking forward to getting 'Cocky' on his next record and thinks after many failed attempts, this year might see the release of a 'Kid Rock Live' DVD.

The "Rock and Roll Jesus" recorded his last record 'Born Free' with legendary producer Rick Rubin, who had a vision for Rock as the next great Americana blues rock artist. While Kid and Rubin did accomplish the sound they set out for, Rock AAA reports that Rock is ready to get back to what he does best:

"I’d kind of like to go back to something like maybe a ‘Cocky’ feel...some really good, fun rock songs to some of the country stuff to some of the mix of hip-hop and rock and blues (to) try to make a nice mix of a record. But a fun record, not serious. Rick Rubin made me a little serious...I’d love to get it out for next summer. Is that gonna happen? I don’t know. I’m getting the process down where you go in with a lot of great musicians and just lay it down. There’s not all this wizardry and trickery on the computer. If that process works again, it’ll be sooner rather than later."

Kid Rock also explained why, as an artist well known as an explosive performer, he has yet to release a live concert DVD:

"It’s something I struggle with. I’ve probably shot six DVDs, professionally, had them edited and everything. But it’s like anything — if you go see a sporting event or whatever, it’s always better live. It’s just tough to capture it on tape. But there will be something … I think for Christmas."