Hell yeah! There is nothing more 'Merican than grilling! From tailgating to backyard barbecues - people love to grill. I am not much around a BBQ grill myself, but that is about to change! Say hello to Kid Rock's new 'American Badass Grill'! 

It's small enough to be portable, but big enough to cook 12 burgers on. There are two 'Badass Grills' to choose from - charcoal or gas. The charcoal model is 100 percent made in the USA. The gas grill (according to the product website), is over 90 percent US parts and labor. How cool is that? I can totally see myself grilling and singing to all of my favorite KR songs like 'American Burger Ass', 'Grillboy', and 'Bawitdaburger'! Should I be copyrighting these?

Interested in one too? Click here for more information and to order your very own 'American Badass Grill'. I will be a 'Grill God' 'All Summer Long'! Wah wah! Cheers!