The stomach flu is really going around right now and I'm sure it's not just Genesee County. My son goes to Grand Blanc and on Thursday there were 13 students in his class alone that were out with the stomach flu.

As a parent it just breaks my heart to see my little guy down and out. The number one priority when kids have the stomach flu is to make sure they drink plenty of liquids. According to Kid's Health, if they are throwing up you don't want to give them solid food. Make sure there is always something by their side to sip on, water is fine but something like Gatorade is even better because it has carbohydrates and electrolytes. At the end of the day just make sure they get plenty of rest and lots of liquids and don't send them back to school until they've had a 24hr period of not puking. That is all for today from Dr. Tony LaBrie.