A professor was recently doing an interview on BBC where he was talking about the chaos in South Korea and the removal of their president due to corruption charges. Obviously it's a very serious topic...at least until this guy's kids barge in the room.

I've watched this video so many times and every time I swear I find something new to laugh about.

Some things to look for:
1. How uncomfortable this guy is. At first he laughs a little but then you can tell he's about to lose it.
2. How he pushes the first kid away. He basically stiff arms her without breaking contact from the camera.
3. When the lady storms in the room, it's like a comedy scene out of a movie. I still can't tell for sure if her pants are undone, as if she darted out of the bathroom.
4. While dragging the kids out of the room she pretty much runs over the daughter with the baby walker.
5. The woman's final exit while she's on her knees. It's the comedy closer of this serious live interview.

The only thing that would make this better would be some Benny Hill music in the background.


Source: WDIV