Cadillac, Michigan became the adopted home of the legendary rock band KISS back in 1974, after the group showed up in the small town to lend several days of support to the high school football team. Since then, the people of Cadillac have held KISS in high regard, and the experience was such a memorable occasion that a movie called ‘Cadillac High’ is now in the works.

According to reports, Gene Simmons confirmed last week that KISS is about to begin production for the film, which was originally proposed by the Michigan Film Office back in 2012. However, as with any film, finding the proper financial support kept production from immediately moving forward. “It’s now been fully funded and it's now in pre-production," Simmons told MLive. "The only date or timeline [for a release] I can give would be a guess."

Philip Steuer, who is best known for his work on ‘Interview with a Vampire’, ‘Narnia’ and ‘Saving Mr. Banks’, will produce ‘Cadillac High’. The film is expected to employ 205 Michigan residents and will spend over $27 million, according to data from the Michigan Film Office.

To learn more about when KISS visited Cadillac, Michigan, be sure to check out the video above.