Korn guitarist Munky Shaffer joins Faith No More bassist Billy Gould, Bad Religion drummer Brooks Wackerman, and others in the new band Fear and the Nervous System. Find out more about the project and hear their song 'Choking Victim' right here.

In the early to mid 2000's, you couldn't throw a stick without hitting a so-called "supergroup". If your massively successful band broke up, you would just call up the drummer from Sublime and the bassist from Nirvana and voila! Supergroup. The trend started to fade out once most of these cobbled-together musical acts realized they would be better off re-forming the group that originally brought them fame. Then members of lower to mid-level bands started joining forces to create a sort of all star group (think Five Finger Death Punch). Fear and the Nervous System is a band that combines both of those previously successful strategies at the same time.

Rounding out the previously mentioned lineup of Fear and the Nervous System are keyboardist Zach Baird, guitarist Leopold Ross, and vocalist from the band Repeater; Steve Krowlikowski (who sounds much like Against Me! singer Tom Gabel). The major difference between this band and a conventional supergroup is that all the members are still currently in their other bands, in fact most of them have upcoming albums with those bands (except Faith No More). Korn's guitarist and FATNS co-founder Munky said "I started this project because I want to express myself musically and show the world a different side of me creatively." There is no word on when we will see a full album from the group, but here is their debut single 'Choking Victim'.