All of the band's videos are in the YouTube playlist above. You can use the arrows to the right of the play/pause button to skip to the next video or return to the previous one. The videos are all arranged by popularity in the order listed below.

  1. Freak On a Leash
  2. Falling Away From Me
  3. Got the Life
  4. Did My Time
  5. Right Now
  6. A.D.I.D.A.S.
  7. Thoughtless
  8. Blind
  9. Here to Stay
  10. Somebody Someone
  11. Never Never
  12. Make Me Bad
  13. Clown
  14. Let the Guilt Go
  15. Hold On
  16. Y'all Want a Single
  17. Get Up!
  18. Shoots and Ladders
  19. Way Too Far
  20. Narcissistic Cannibal
  21. Love & Meth
  22. Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
  23. Twisted Transistor
  24. Good God
  25. Spike in My Veins
  26. Chaos Lives in Everything
  27. Word Up!