Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe recently announced his campaign for President of the United States, which we thought was a joke. Now that Blythe has released first official campaign ad we're almost certain it's a joke.

Blythe has certainly figured out how to get attention via social media. His "presidential campaign" has been getting a ton of press lately -- this conveniently started just weeks prior to the January 24th release of Lamb of God's new album 'Resolution.' The singer also made headlines when he recently debunked the misconceptions of the rock star life style speaking with The Merch Dude:

"Folks think that everyone in a professional band sleeps on mattresses made out of $100 bills and just sits back chilling when they aren’t tour, spending all their free time screwing models and cashing massive royalty checks. I got bad news for the kids who want to try and do this thing for a living: it ain’t that way. Stop watching “Cribs” on MTV, get in a van, go out on the road, and try doing this for a while. It’s a quick and bitter educational experience. While I make a pretty good living being in a band, I am one of the few. And it sure as hell didn’t happen overnight."

A fairly serious statement that echoes the reality check he gave during his presidential campaign announcement, which was a brutally honest assessment of the state of affairs in our country. After such a straight-forward mission statement, perhaps Blythe decided to make sure we knew he was joking by releasing this skate video with moderately clever wordplay as his first campaign ad.