Two Lapeer girls have taken to YouTube to apologize to the allegedly brutalized singer Alex Band on behalf of their town by singing The Calling's 'Wherever You Will Go.'

While most Lapeer residents (at least the ones on our Facebook page, anyway) are in denial that such a heinous attack could happen in their quiet little town, Hannah and Cassidy Klebba are apologizing for Lapeer, saying, "We live here. So we just want Alex to know we're not all bad."

The two were front row for The Calling's Saturday night gig at the Lapeer Days festival, which is hilariously being called a "music festival" in all of the national news stories, and claim that the band, "Rocked it! Woo Woo!" The fact that these girls had to be incredibly young when the band's one hit was in its heyday (2001), lends a bit of legitimacy to their brief review of the performance.

They continue their apology the way that almost every teenage girl's YouTube video ends -- singing. Whether or not they nail the performance, we're sure Alex Band appreciates the sweet gesture... and that people are actually talking about his band for the first time in over a decade.