So, a few months back Frito-Lay Corporation asked America to come up with the next potato chip flavor and 3.8 million junk food lovers responded with their ideas. From there, the company widdled it down to three finalist. All of which will be available nationwide starting tomorrow.

After sampling them, the public have until May to vote for their favorites. Ann Mukherjee, chief marketing officer at Frito-Lay says “The flavor with the most votes will stay on store shelves.” However, “If the two other flavors sell well, they may remain in stores, too.” Mukherjee  added. This is the first time in Lay's 75-year history that it has let U.S. consumers choose the company's next flavor.

So what are the three flavors the people will have to choose from? Lay's brand, Chicken & Waffles, Cheesy Garlic Bread, and Sriracha. If none of those sounds like your flavor, no worries, Lay's adds about one new potato chip flavor every year.

[Source:NBC Atlanta]