Oh the joys of the internet -- finding crappy videos from times past on YouTube. We bring back old TV commercials from the 80s, Russian kids jumping off buildings, cats and their crazy antics and this instructional video that helps you learn how to flirt.

We've all been there, sitting in a bar and a hot little number walks in; you want to talk to her/him but you don't exactly know how to flirt. Have no fear Kathryn Brown has a sure fire way to flirt even Chris Monroe will catch on -- actually, I think Chris is in this video -- look for the guy with the scarf.

It may take a couple of times watching this video to really get the hang of flirting -- be assertive, make eye contact, use chloroform or maybe a sock full of quarters; whatever it takes. OK, no chloroform or sock of quarters that will get you in trouble.

Watch and learn.