Either someone is really good with Legos or this giant Lego possibly escaped from a LegoLand theme park in Orlando. An 8 foot, 100 pound Lego man was found on Siesta Key Beach in Florida. The super sized Lego is not the first of its kind to show up on shore. In 2007 and 2008 a Lego man was found on beaches in Denmark and England.

Florida resident Jeff Hindman discovered the Lego man while walking on the beach. According to The Herald Tribune the Lego was wearing a shirt that read "No Real Than You Are". Interesting. All this time we though aliens had weird shaped heads and two giant eye balls. Maybe aliens look like Lego's?

Police were called and took the giant Lego into custody.  If no one calls to say "Leggo my Lego", than Mr. Hindman (who found it) will get to keep it.  If  that is the case, Hindman said,quote:

"I'll put it on eBay."

Not if the Lego probes him first!