As if Fred Durst needs any more reasons for you to hate him. Limp Bizkit are speaking out against claims that they were reason Van Halen's return to Australia was canceled. Usually I board the 'hate on Durst' bandwagon whenever possible, but I don't see the logic in this one.

For some reason people are blaming Limp Bizkit for Van Halen's canceled headlining slot on the traveling Soundwave Revolution tour. Rock News Desk reports that the 80's hair-metal icons were set  for their first return to the stage in three years until this announcement was made by the concert organizer:

"We were scheduled to make an announcement about our co-headliner, but their circumstances changed at the last minute and they had to pull out. We don’t have enough time to replace them, so the festival has been canceled."

Though the co-headliner in question was never named, many have already fingered Limp Bizkit as the guilty party. The rumors of Bizkit's involvement seem baseless and perpetual man-child Fred Durst spoke up for his band saying:

"FYI, we were never on the bill to play any festival down under. So it looks like Van Halen cancels and we get thrown into the mix. Classic."

The festival which would have also featured Alice Cooper, Bad Religion, Steel Panther, Panic at the Disco, Hole, The Used, Sum 41, and others, could have continued without either Bizkit or Van Halen says festival organizer A.J. Maddah:

"We could have taken the option of going through with the the lineup as we have it. It would obviously have been a better financial outcome for us. But we just didn’t want to put an inferior product on the market."

Well said, adding two way past their prime acts to the lineup would've substantially lowered the inferiority factor. Maybe they can see if Crazytown and Styx are available instead.