Call me crazy but shouldn't you have more than two successful records before you can compile a greatest hits collection? Many bands have been bucking that trend lately with re-release, deluxe edition, and best of albums; Limp Bizkit has called "next".

With their comeback album 'Gold Cobra' already on the way (due out June 28th) , the Bizkit boys are also gearing up to jump the shark with their second greatest hits disc 'ICON' on July 12th. This one actually comes just six years after their first 'Greatest Hitz' which had six more songs on it, no new material has been released since then. Here is the tracklist:

.1. Counterfeit
.2. Faith (George Michael Cover)
.3. Nookie
.4. Break Stuff
.5. Re-Arranged
.6. Take A Look Around
.7. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
.8. My Way
.9. Eat You Alive
10. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who Cover)
11. The Truth