For years musical artists have used their album covers as a way to express their artistic creativity that doesn't come across in the music. After writing brilliant lyrics like: "Uno, dos, tres, in yo' face!", it's no surprise that Limp Bizkit were creatively drained when it came time to slap a cover on 'Gold Cobra'. It is that very same dedication to quality that puts Durst and crew atop the list of worst album covers of 2011.

The people at have compiled a list of the 10 the worst album covers of 2011, landing on the top of the list was the Nobel Prize nominated album from Limp Bizkit 'Gold Cobra'. Despite the stellar music contained under it's corny cover, it still beat out albums from the expectedly cheesy Steve Miller Band and 311's 'Universal Pulse' cover that "looks like National Geographic on an acid trip through the lens of a kaleidoscope." That sounded way cooler than it looks.

'Gold Cobra' features three poorly illustrated butter-faces lying within striking distance of a giant cobra that, as Popcrush keenly observed, isn't even gold. I almost forgot to mention the nose-picking C.H.U.D in the background. Maybe Fred Durst should stick to terrible rapping and leave the oil painting to whoever the next Bob Ross is. I heard if you shut the lights off while staring at this album cover and say "Chocolate Starfish" three times, you will instantly crap your pants. Well done Limp Bizkit.