Syfy's ridiculous 'Sharknado' created such a buzz that they will literally "jump the shark" with a sequel titled 'Whorenado' starring Tara Reid, Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love -- see the awesome movie poster here and get the synopsis here.

After the success of the sharks meet tornado meets C-list actors TV movie, the folks at Syfy were quick to greenlight a sequel. Unfortunately, the odds of another tornado being filled with sharks are slim -- even in the ridiculous version of the world that any of these Syfy movies like 'Sharktopus' take place in.

So the writers were tasked with a difficult conundrum -- coming up with an equally ridiculous scenario that somehow connects to the first movie and that has a title as good, if not better than its predecessor. Enter 'Whorenado.'

Insiders tell us that the story will center on a prostitute convention in Las Vegas that is struck by a violent tornado, which then carries with it a whole army of "ladies of the night" as it heads for Los Angeles. The storm then leaves in its wake a path destruction as it simultaneously infects all exposed to it with crabs and an advanced strain of airborne herpes.

Tara Reid -- who will be returning to play whoever the hell she was in the first film -- will be joined by Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love (both in unspecified roles) and a Baldwin brother to be named later (although, since he is a successful and respected actor, Alec has been ruled out).

'Whorenado' is said to already be halfway done filming, while the script currently has at least 45-words written and will likely be completed during post-production. Look for it on the small screen at some point later this year if you are as gullible as we hope you are.

By the way, this story is 100% bull----. Thanks for playing along though.

Thanks to our friends at 99X in Shreveport, who had some pretty legit sequel ideas as well -- click here to see them.