Linkin Park are taking a new approach to releasing their b-sides and rare tracks. Instead of going the conventional route of compiling them into an album, the band will release the tracks via their fan club which they are relaunching soon to release the lost tracks which were recorded between 'Hybrid Theory' and now.

Linkin Park is relaunching the eleven-year old LP Underground fan club, which is now dubbed LPU 11. Vocalist Mike Shinoda recently spoke about the type of material they have been, and will continue to release to their fans through the service:

"The music we release to the LP Underground are always special. They're the rawest form of our songs, including finished and unfinished tracks from nearly all our albums. We take a lot of time crafting any of our studio albums, and these songs are a great insight into the process."

Fans who sign up for a year long membership to the fan club also receive the standard access to ticket presales, but also have access to video chats with the band, exclusive merch, and a huge library of downloadable videos -- for more information head to the LP Underground website.

The band is currently at work on the follow-up to their 2010 record 'A Thousand Suns' with producer Rick Rubin -- this marks the third consecutive Linkin Park album Rubin has produced.