The members of Linkin Park are proving to be pretty big humanitarians these days. Last month a few of the members visited a terminally ill teen to grant one of his final wishes to meet his favorite band, now they are putting on a concert to help with earthquake relief efforts in Japan.

Japan was devastated by a massive earthquake that ranked 9.0 on the Richter scale, if that isn't horrible enough they were also hit with a tsunami. Just one of those natural disasters are enough to devastate a nation, unfortunately Japan has had to endure both. The immediate out pour of support in the days following the incidents was incredible, five months later those voices of support have quieted considerably.

Linkin Park is doing their part to make sure people don't forget what happened to Japan and are trying to help them raise more funds for the rebuilding efforts. They will be doing so by issuing a fan challenge at the website The idea is simple: the first 500 fans to raise $500 for the relief efforts, will receive a pair of tickets to a small Linkin Park show that will also feature Japan's best-selling artist B'z. All funds are due August 24th and the site encourages fans not to stop at $500, as their will be bonuses like meet and greets and signed memorabilia for the top fundraisers. The show will take place August 31st in Los Angeles, California at an undisclosed location.